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Monday, February 28, 2011

Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) Lag

I must say, that after getting this game on the pre-release I continue to hold very high expectations for this MMO.  This game, like most MMOs has its drawbacks but with the recent 'restructuring' in staff I think things will change very quickly for the better.  Since the January patch 1.15a, I already see many decent additions to FFXIV!!  One thing that does seem to puzzle most people I've encountered on the web is the issue of lag.  Whether it is UI lag, mouse lag, weather lag, server-side lag or overall graphics config, etc. it seems that lag is definitely a troublesome issue.
Of course, when playing the game I have experienced it as well as many others but what really is interesting is that there are videos (recent ones as well as old ones), that are either beta or post full release, that show no lag at all.  Interesting.
I think I just might leave Wutai and head to a 'lighter populated server' and see how it goes.  I played FFXI with no lag at all and even after turning down all the graphics config settings on the ffxiv config interface, I tend to still see lag.  It is not unplayable but it does make it unenjoyable at times.  Either way, I'll wait it out since I've been a FF series fan since the NES (FF1).

Perhaps I'll post again on the lag topic if it still exists in the future.  I hope they have more content and stability as well as a better UI before the PS3 release.

Smooth Gameplay r20 Thm quest

Another somewhat smoother gameplay video (closer to what I experience)

Another very smooth video of ffxiv gameplay

Nice solo gameplay

One thing I did notice is that their "R" is much higher than what I get, though the "S" isn't much higher than mine.  I only get about 60-80 but some of these people receive around 200+.  I guess I need to look over my settings but in FFXI I used to get very smooth gameplay and could even see mobs spawn before most others.

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