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Monday, February 28, 2011


I just saw a video not too long ago announcing the infamous FFXIII-2 to be released in Dec 2011.  Of course, if it sucked as much as FFXIII then they won't have to worry about me picking up this upgraded feminized, dumbed-down version of game with potential.  I'd sooner rather go the amazon and lick poisonous frogs as well as eat deadly shrubs while wading through an isolated pond that causes flesh decay that's infested with piranhas, surrounded by amazonian headhunters.  As I recall from one Japanese reviewer stated in a home made video review of FFXIII 'I felt like the whole time I was running down a tunnel with a few breaks of a movie.  In short, an interactive movie but the content is lacking.'  Honestly, I agree with his statement 100%.  Some of my friends on mixi said they won't buy FFXIII-2 already but I'm willing to wait and see what comes up.  If it has that same feel of awesome graphics, ok-ish storyline but a serious lack of content then Square Enix you can bet that I'll still be on FFXIV or Tactics Ogre on the PSP (really good by the way, better than FF Tactics in my opinion.  Kind like a blend of the awesomeness of Ogre Battle and FF Tactics).
I hope the developers aren't lazy and put towns, wider areas, more equipment in the game as well as make the game more flexible in general.  I've lost a lot of confidence in SE but they can gain my trust back if they put more, better content and better battle system than what they did with FFXIII and FFXIV.  There's nothing wrong with new stuff (personally, I love stuff) but it has to be good stuff.

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