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Saturday, June 18, 2011

[patch1.17c] Patch 1.17c Notes

From by NOC_EU 6/15/2011

' [patch1.17c] Patch 1.17c Notes

Fixed Bugs
  • Measures have been implemented to address the recurring server failure issue
    occurring in market areas.
  • Measures have been implemented to address the issue wherein viewing the
    linkshell member list may cause the client to crash.
  • The following bugs have been addressed:
    A bug wherein the enemies "Prince of Pestilence" and "Unknown Soldier" may
    neither be seen nor targeted despite appearing on the minimap.
      A bug wherein the location of one's retainer may change following server
        A bug wherein the journal entry may not be updated for the quest "A Piece of
        History." '

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