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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The introduction to the Grand Companies of Eorzea

From the lodestone:

In all honesty I'm not a fan of any introduction of 'companies' into Eorzea. I feel that it takes away from the lore since one of the main elements that draw fans to FFXIV is being able to play as you want, how you want without worry of structured hierarchies such as a private 'business.' It only reminds people like me of FFVII's Shinra Inc. and how they leeched resources from the peoples of the world and ended up nearly destroying it with mindless research headed by a mad scientist (which is very close to what is happening in reality but that's another topic).

I'd prefer, for the sake of lore, that these type of fantasy games stick to 'guilds' or something of that sort but I won't make too much of a fuss over this. For now. If this element of FFXIV becomes too much like the real world (and inevitably boring) then away I will wander from this title.

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