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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Updated my Graphics Card today!

Went to Fry's and upgraded from an ATI Radeon HD 4350 to a HD 6970.  Cost about $400 but so far I think it's well worth it.  It play very smooth even while in town and I feel that there's no more 'bottlenecking' when it comes to anything holding my PC back now.  AMD Phenom Quad Core processor, 64bit Win7, 16GB RAM, and now my Graphics card with 2GB memory, GDDR 5, AMD HD3D Technology, you name it, it's pretty much got it.

Perhaps starting tomorrow I might make fraps videos but fraps uses a lot of resources so it most likely will make the video lag a little so I'm not sure about doing it yet.  So far I'm in love with this new video card and I even spent a little time on Star Wars: The force Unleashed 2, again, even though I already beat it several months ago.  I used to have a 'slow motion' bug in the gameplay but not anymore.

As far as the video quality goes, it so awesome I'm going to give Crysis 2 a try when it comes out on the 22nd just to use it as a benchmark for fraps.  Good gaming!

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